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VMware ESX Server

Data Center-Class Virtual Infrastructure for Mission-Critical Environments - VMware ESX Server is virtual infrastructure software for partitioning, consolidating and managing servers in mission-critical environments.

VMware ESX ArchitectureIdeally suited for enterprise data centers, ESX Server minimizes the total cost of ownership of computing infrastructure by increasing resource utilization and its hardware-independent virtual machines encapsulated in easy-to-manage files maximize administration flexibility.

VMware ESX Server allows enterprises to:

  • Boost x86 server utilization to 60-80%
  • Provision new systems faster with reduced hardware
  • Decouple application workloads from underlying physical hardware for increased flexibility
  • Dramatically lower the cost of business continuity

Implement Server Consolidation

Consolidate branch office and data center mission-critical applications and infrastructure services onto fewer highly scalable, highly reliable enterprise-class servers. Virtualizing blade servers is an especially effective approach. 

  • Improve utilization rates up to 60-80% for x86 servers
  • Reduced TCO across computing infrastructure
  • Built-in headroom for expansion and scaling
  • Maximum hardware utilization
  • Simplified system management
  • Improve Flexibility and Responsiveness

Improve Flexibility and Responsiveness

Use VirtualCenter to deploy and manage ESX Server Virtual Infrastructure Nodes and manage your hardware resources as a single pool of compute, storage and networking power. Dynamically load balance workloads across the pool, and avoid planned downtimes.

  • Provisioning times for new applications measured in tens of seconds, not days
  • Response times for change requests measured in minutes
  • Zero-downtime hardware maintenance without waiting for maintenance windows

Deliver High Availability and Guarantee Service Levels

Protect critical data in secure virtual machines and isolate multiple servers that run together at near-native performance levels on standard x86-based hardware

  • Protection against non-hardware errors and single point of failure for higher availability
  • Run resource-intensive SMP applications such as Oracle, SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange server, SAP, Siebel, Lotus Notes, BEA WebLogic and Apache More control over IT performance metrics
  • Run IT as an enterprise service provider, delivering better service levels to customers

Dramatically Lower the Cost of Disaster Recovery Capability

Create a unified disaster recovery platform that increases availability, reduces recovery time and lowers hardware and operational costs 

  • Streamline Disaster Recovery management, increase availability, reduce recovery time and lower hardware and operational costs
  • Eliminate the need for costly 1-to-1 mapping of production and Disaster Recovery servers
  • Recover virtual machine images on any x86 hardware platform

ESX Server Web-based Management
ESX Server Web-based Management Interface - can be used from any browser to monitor and control the virtual machines on an ESX Server host

Web-based Management Interface Memory Utilization
Web-based Management Interface Memory Utilization page shows how much memory is being used by the ESX Server and how memory resources are allocated to virtual machines.

VMware Remote Console
VMware Remote Console permits full keyboard-video-mouse interaction with ESX Server virtual machines from Windows or Linux clients. In this example, the Windows version of the Remote Console is connected to a Linux virtual machine.

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