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Virtual Infrastructure Feasibility Assessment

The VIFA service is designed to provide customers with an assessment of the benefits that could be yielded if a virtualization methodology was to be employed. It is designed for two types of customer.

  • Those who have knowledge of the benefits of a particular virtualization technology and require the experienced design and planning services from an established virtualization partner.
  • Those who have some knowledge of virtualization at a general level and are interested in what a virtualization strategy could deliver but do not have specific business objectives defined at this point.

It offers a subset of the information held in a Virtual Infrastructure Implementation Strategy (VIIS) with the main emphasis on ensuring an organisation completes the requisite assessment of the possibilities presented by virtualization.Virtual Infrastructure Generic

Stage 1 – Assess

Establish the objectives or operational issues that a customer is looking to solve. In many cases when completing a VIFA report it is split between two very different types. There is the customer who already has very clearly defined objectives or the customer requiring assistance to identify what issues they may actually already be experiencing that could be answered by a virtualization strategy.

These primary objectives are then expanded upon to identify any secondary objectives and design goals that are of importance to the customer.
This element of the assessment stage is concluded by evaluating any additional benefits that may not have been considered by the customer at this point but are possibilities of virtualization methodologies.

The next step is to evaluate the current infrastructure and perform any capacity planning and performance trend analysis relevant to the strategy objectives.

It is also vital that any assessment also includes the operational parameters such as internal support skills that will be required once any solution is completed and hand over to the customer.

Stage 2 – Plan

Once the assessment is completed our consultants can commence the planning phase to align any proposed solution to the strategy objectives and goals. The aim of the planning stage is to clearly identify the tasks and disciplines that need to be completed to enable the virtualization solution to be implemented.

This includes

  • Solution design
  • Training requirements
  • Project budget estimates

Once the report is submitted it can be progressed in two ways.

  • The customer has all the information required to progress with the project with the report forming the basis for the planning phase and engages Capitalhead to continue the process of the project.
  • The customer can upgrade the report to a full VIIS report by utilising the modular upgrade option available on these reports.

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