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Virtual Infrastructure Implementation Strategy

The VIIS service is designed to provide customers with a comprehensive strategy report on the application of virtualisation methodologies that would best meet the business and operational objectives of the commissioning company or organisation.

Stage 1 – Assess

In consultation with the customer we assess the primary objectives of the strategy review, once this stage is concluded both the customer and ourselves agree that the primary objectives are the correct ones.  These primary objectives are then expanded upon to identify any secondary objectives and design goals that are of importance to the customer.

This element of the assessment stage is concluded by evaluating any additional benefits that may not have been considered by the customer at this point but are possibilities of virtualisation methodologies.

The next step is to evaluate the current infrastructure and perform any capacity planning and performance trend analysis relevant to the strategy objectives.

It is also vital that any assessment also includes the operational parameters such as internal support skills that will be required once any solution is delivered running in a live environment.

Stage 2 – Plan

Once the assessment has been completed our consultants can commence the planning phase to align any proposed solution to the strategy objectives and goals.
This includes

  • Solution design
  • Training requirements
  • Piloting and testing procedures
  • Sequencing, timeframes and methodologies to be utilised in implementation
  • Environmental standards and compliance
  • Support
  • Project budgets
  • Project Planning

Stage 3 – Implement

The implementation phase builds on the two previous stages of Assessment and Planning to detail the implementation methodology and requirements.

This will typically include

  • Skills transfer
  • Infrastructure considerations
  • Migrations
  • Piloting and testing
  • Live implementation
  • Support transfer

Stage 4 – Manage

Essential to the implementation of any strategy is the management of a project, and Capitalhead have stringent procedures developed from extensive experience in the delivery of complex solutions to their customers.

Upon the conclusion of the strategy report we will also work in conjunction with the strategy commissioner to present the findings and recommendations to the organisation to achieve strategy sanction if required.

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