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Virtualized Server Technology

The main benefit of the virtual server technology is that it fully utilises the consolidated resource that are available to it and thereby provides excellent scalability when installed on a suitably specified high end host whilst also meeting the issue of physical server proliferation.

Virtual InvrastructureCombined with a sound and well designed server consolidation strategy, organisations can yield massive benefits by adopting Virtual Server technologies.

By presenting the server based services in a virtual methodology it enables the virtual server to utilise the resources available dynamically. If a performance gain can be delivered to the server by changing the physical processor it is utilising from its current one to one that is less utilised then it will complete this task transparently and provide a less utilised processing pool to the instructions being executed.

Speed of deployment and testing procedures are far more agile and therefore implementation times for new solutions can be dramatically reduced. As servers are represented by a set of encapsulated files the ability to reverse a recent change or even reject it dynamically can be of enormous benefit to development projects.

Key areas of benefit of server virtualization:

  • Resource utilisation is increased 
  • Cost of ownership is dramatically reduced
  • Management is simplified and burden reduced
  • Availability is increased.
  • Deployment and development timescales and reduced dramatically
  • Return on investment is increased
  • Provide opportunities unavailable in physical architecture for high availability and business continuity


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