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Network Security

Communications networks can be divided in three groups: open, semi-open and closed networks. Examples of these are the Internet (open), internal networks of companies (semi-open) and networks for military purposes (closed). Security issues and critical areas vary according to network type. This applies also to protection mechanisms, the purpose of which is to prevent security threats or to minimise their impact.

The reality of it is, that there is no system designed on the planet that will be completely safe from hackers or security breaches – if someone tells you otherwise you are being had. The best anyone can do is implement the latest and most advanced tools available at the time. You can’t be 100% sure you won’t ever be hacked, but you can make life extremely difficult for anyone out there trying to gain unlawful access to your network.

So what exactly will you do to safeguard my network?

We employ the latest and greatest, hardware and software based security measures to ensure your networks are hardened to withstand attacks originating from the internet. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Setup and installation of firewalls
  • Configuration of Routers, Switches, VLANs and VPNs
  • Securing from Virus and Worm based attacks
  • Implementing and securing DMZs
  • Setup of IP tunneling
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Implementation of IPSec
  • Organization Security Audit

Encryption and SSL Certification

For sensetive information you may also wish to encrypt certain data transmissions, such as those between the browsers your web servers. In these instances we can provide you with:

  • SSL Certification
  • Bulk Wildcard SSL Certification
  • Data Encryption using your choice of Certification Authority as well as PGP
  • Password audit
  • Email encryption and Electronic Signatures

Sometimes even the best need a hand

With all this security there are times when you may need some help, like recovery from a CA crash or a sensetive encrypted password that has gone missing in action. In these instances we can help with:

  • Automated password recovery
  • Brute force attacks on public/private key pair
  • Active Directory Certification Authority recovery
  • Emergency System Recovery

Real-Time Network Monitoring

We can monitor your network in real-time to make sure nothing weird is going on - such as a hack attempt or brute force password attacks. We can even monitor your network to make sure your ISP (Internet Service Privider) is giving you full QoS (Quality of Service) by monitoring all your network connections and inter office connections. For this we employ state of the art tools such as:

  • NIDS (Network Intrusion Detection System) tools and methods in all installations. There are many IDS options to choose from, we will recommend a solution which best fits your organizations profile and requirement.
  • Centralized event log monitoring and reporting
  • Server to Server communications monitoring

As always, every business is different and requires many stages of thought and design before a comrehensive Network Security system can be put in place.

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