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VPN is an abbreviation of the words Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a solution implemented with software, hardware or a combination of those, enabling a secure establishment of a connection over open (insecure) networks, such as the Internet.

VPN ExampleBy means of VPN it is possible to establish connections for confidential communication for instance between a remote telecommuter, branch offices of a company and business partners. Data transferred through VPN can be encrypted, thus prohibiting the data to be revealed to third parties. In addition to encryption, VPN solutions also enable strong authentication of communicating parties.

In practice, a VPN connection is established by tunneling the unprotected communication inside a secure (encrypted) protocol. Commonly used VPN protocols are, for example, IPSec (Internet Protocol Security), L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) and PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol).

How can we help you?

Capitalhead will perform a detailed design and analyze your requirements for now and the future.  At this stage we would have a rough idea of what is required and will submit a draft analysis document.  The draft analysis will outline key elements and requirements which need to be implemented prior to the solution being deployed.  A draft proposal for the solution will be handed to the client.

If the proposal is satisfactory, we will begin by engaging our partners to deploy the architected solution.  All accountability for the project is held entirely with Capitalhead.

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