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Database Programming and Design

We employ the latest tools and methodologies to our database design. More and more it's becoming increasingly difficult to offer a dynamic solution without a database somewhere in the backend. Our tools of choice are Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for clients with predominantly Microsoft products and MySQL for Linux based systems.

All these decissions require careful consideration and at times will be vulnerable to pressures from budgetary constraints, target audience or the final application of the product. For example, there is no reason to warrant spending money on Microsoft SQL Server if MSDE (a free cut down version of Microsoft SQL Server), Microsoft Access or MySQL will do the job.

Fig 1 - Microsoft SQL 2000 Database Diagram Modeler

Fig 2 - XML Parser in IE6.0

Fig 1 shows off the Database Diagram Modeler included in Microsoft's SQL Server 2000. The power of SQL does not stop with its extremely easy to use Enterprise Manager or data modeling tols - it is by far more than capable of dealing with any task you throw at it. Fig 2 demonstrates Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0 and its unique way of quickly validating correct formatting of an XML document.

If you're planning an application which will require a database custom tuned for speed, referential integrity and longevity let us know because we are sure with our experience your next application will be a longstanding success.

Technologies we utilize:

Microsoft SQL 2005, SQL 2000, SQL 6, MSDE, MySQL, SQL XML, XSL, XSLT, Paradox, BorlandDE, Oracle, MS Access, SOAP, ADO.Net.

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