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Real Time Systems

Many applications require real-time systems to deal with real time user or environment interaction. Such applications generally require full RTOS for timely operation and interaction with their environment.

RTOS - What exactly is it?

A Real Time Operating SystemA Real Time Operating System or RTOS is an operating system that has been developed for real-time applications. Typically used for embedded applications. This type of operating system does not necessarily have high throughput - the specialized scheduling algorithm and a high clock-interrupt rate can both interfere with throughput.

Early example of a large-scale real-time operating system was the so-called "control program" developed by American Airlines and IBM for the Sabre Airline Reservations System.

Example RTOS we have experience with

  • Enea OSE
  • BeOS
  • FreeRTOS
  • LynxOS
  • VxWorks
  • RTLinux
  • Windows CE
  • Windows Embedded XP

Our Real-Time Capability

Software development using C & assembler on Motorola's M68xxx, M68HC11 family of microcontrollers as well as utilization of Intel's 8051 hybrid micro-controllers, Xilinx FPGAs, XScale and their interface with communications hardware. 

We also have extensive familiarity and application of Advantech embedded product offerings, as well as the small form factor PC-style hardware such as: Biscuit-PC, Mini-ITX and Flex-ITX form factors, DiskOnChip - All-in-One and Remote Autonomous Solutions.

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