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Email Storage

The growth in email usage puts pressure on existing IT systems, while email applications do not always satisfy the requirements of the business at large.  IT staff are often in the hot seat, and need to balance the provision of service to the organization, with the broader issues associated with email, such as email storage, retention and retrieval and the impacts these can have on the finite infrastructure available.

Current email systems were never intended to support the need to manage and archive large volumes of business data for long term storage. With the increasing volume of email circulating within corporate email systems, combined with user mailbox size limits, administrators are now struggling with the management of email systems space, long-term backup strategies, as well as providing effective email retrieval.

In addition to the constant pressure placed on the infrastructure, requests to the IT department to locate or restore deleted messages can consume staff and technical resources for days, weeks and, in some cases, months. Responding to legal discovery requests requires a similar level of resource, and places time constraints around how soon information must be located. In both cases, the cost can be significant, and utilise resources that have not been budgeted for.

Organizations need a solution that is transparent to users who should not be concerned about the limitations of IT, while delivers behind the scenes benefits that ensure that data is stored as effectively as possible, making full use of the storage systems in place.

How can we help you?

  • Reduce Email Storage - By using our solution, storage space used by the original messaging server will be reduced, reducing administration requirements while also ensuring the messaging system is able to perform to its potential. As a result, necessary hardware and management investments can be reduced, and there is a greater return on investment for the existing platform.
  • Genuine Single Instance Store - By using a genuine ‘single instance store, only a single copy of any message is stored, while the content of messages is also compressed, resulting in a significant reduction in storage usage and costs. In addition to the financial savings, the IT Manager can be assured archived messages are stored efficiently and utilize minimal space, reducing the impact on support.
  • Pure Storage - Our solution can separates attachments from mail messages and stores them in a standard file system, so attachments can be regularly scanned with the latest virus definitions.  We also separate mail processing from mail storage, so mail servers can be turned off while users can still work with mail data.



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