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Leostream is developing the next generation virtual datacenter management products—enabling companies to create a single pool of available storage and computing resources that they can deploy on demand. Founded in 2001 by a group of experienced industry executives and engineers, Leostream is based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.


Leostream is a vendor agnostic management software company. The Leostream management product manages server virtualization products from both VMware and Microsoft (Virtual Server 2005), and integrates them with SANs from EMC, HP, and IBM.

Leostream has formal and informal development relationships with a wide range of key industry players; from Microsoft to VMware, HP to IBM, and Citrix to EMC.

Automated Conversion without the Reboot

Server and storage virtualization reduces capital expenditure, server and storage virtualization management reduces operational costs as labor intensive tasks such as setting up servers, doing backups, and disaster recovery become simple automated taks.

The Leostream software is simple and easy to setup, feature rich—with everything from access control, performance monitoring, and physical to virtual conversion built in, hence providing compelling value for money.

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