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Published: Monday, May 15, 2006
Welcome to this edition of the Capitalhead newsletter

Feature: Virtualization Spotlight

More and more of our clients are realizing that Virtualization is the key to keeping infrastructure costs down. Minimizing infrastructure expenditure and increasing legacy application lifespan are only a few of the many advantages that virtualization can bring to your organization. Virtualization also empowers the enterprise to tackle problems which have in the past been out of their reach - disaster recovery.

PlateSpin, Akimbi Systems & Leostream join Capitalhead

We have partnered with a select group of industry leaders to help you achieve your virtualization goals and ensure your investment in infrastructure is being utilized at peak efficiency.


PlateSpin is a leading supplier of technology and solutions that bring flexibility and automation to the data center. PlateSpin PowerConvert is a powerful, 100% automated Portability solution for migrating or replicating operating systems, applications, and data to virtual infrastructures or as PlateSpin Images for deployment at a later time.

The award winning PowerConvert has caused a storm all over the world with its easy interface and flawless operation; allowing you to perform Physical to Virtual (P2V), Virtual to Physical (V2P), Physical 2 Image (P2I) and then back again with a simple click of a button.

If you're wondering which machines should be virtualized; PowerRecon will help you find out all you need to know about your current fleet of servers and provide you with metrics to make informed decisions.

Akimbi Systems

Akimbi Systems' virtualization technology is rapidly achieving mainstream status as a key enabling technology in the data center and application development operations of Global 2000 IT organizations. Akimbi Systems has developed groundbreaking virtual infrastructure management software that harnesses the potential of virtual machine technology and makes it easier to leverage for IT advantage

Akimbi Slingshot is the industry's fastest, most comprehensive Virtual Lab Automation System - a new class of software development and test infrastructure that automates the rapid setup and teardown of even the most complex multi-machine software configurations, shaving man-months off of software development projects.


Leostream is developing the next generation virtual datacenter management products-enabling companies to create a single pool of available storage and computing resources that they can deploy on demand. Founded in 2001 by a group of experienced industry executives and engineers, Leostream is based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.

The No Reboot P2V (P2V Direct) for VMware and Microsoft; Leostream Physical to Virtual (P>V) Direct conversion system is a highly automated tool that converts a Windows OS based system running on a physical server into an identical system running on virtual hardware without the need for CDs, floppies, additional drivers, or a system reboot.

New Operations in Libya

Libya OfficeOver the last 6 months we have been working with our client base in Libya to support their ever growing operations in the region. We now have a permanent office in Tripoli to aid in the North African activities as well as provide close proximity to clients in the the Middle East.

Libya contact: +218 91 383 1955

New Website Launched

We are pleased to announce that the new website has been launched.

The new website gives greater focus to our partners, products and business solutions. We'll also be focusing on helping our clients through the use of a knowledgebase and article section as well as extending the site to include client specific features.

The site is completely W3C standards compliant, XHTML and CSS so it works in all browsers without discrimination.

We hope you enjoy the new website and we welcome any feedback.

Till next time,

Przemek Radzikowski
Managing Director
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