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Published: Monday, June 29, 2009
Welcome to this edition of the Capitalhead newsletter

Feature: Software Virtualization

Altiris Software Virtualization Solution (SVS) is a completely new way to use software. By placing applications and data into managed units called Virtual Software Packages (VSP), SVS allows you to activate, deactivate, or reset applications and to completely avoid conflicts between applications, without altering the underlying Windows installation. So now you can say goodbye to "DLL Hell" and "Registry Rot" forever.

You can Download SVS for FREE from the Altiris website.

Microsoft isn't far behind Altiris in this field, actually this part of the market seems to have picked up steam where Hardware Virtualization left off.  Now that hardware virtualization is pretty much taken for granted the big boys need something new to chase after.

Microsoft earlier in 2005 purchased a company called Softricity which created SoftGridSoftGrid is a way to stream and install applications onto machines in much the same way that SVS does, however this time we have a way to only deploy to the workstation the portion of of the software that the user actually uses.  For instance, there is no point in me downloading a full 400MB install of Office 2003 when I only want to use the 69MB required for Word.  The streaming capability serves up only what the client machine requests.

I'm not going to get into the nitty-gritty of SoftGrid, but know that it will become an addon to Microsoft Configuration Manager (SMS v4) when it's released in 2007.

Capitalhead partners with Dell Computer Corp. (Australia)

Dell LogoWe are pleased to announce that Capitalhead has partnered with Dell Computer Corp. (Australia) for the supply and procurement of business hardware to existing Capitalhead clients.

As one of the leading integrators and consultants in Australia, Capitalhead is well placed to further reward our existing client relationships with savings on server, storage and workstation hardware.  In particular, PowerEdge servers, PowerVault & Dell | EMC storage solutions, PowerConnect networking switches, Precision workstations and Latitude business laptops.

Should you wish to take advantage of this offer please contact your assigned Capitalhead contractor or contact Capitalhead directly.

New European Office in Malta

Malta OfficeCapitalhead has opened its doors in Malta, a small Mediterranean island just south of Italy.  The office will concentrate on providing consulting and procurement services on the greater European continent and to further support our operations in North Africa. 

Clients who are based in North Africa and currently contact the Australian operations team for services will shortly be transferred to the Malta based team.

Contact Details:

Vincenti Buildings
Suite No. 375
14/19 Strait Street
Valletta VLT08

Tel:  +356 2122 6365
Fax: +61 2124 9292

VMware drops Microsoft Virtual Server support from Lab Manager (Slingshot)

VMware LogoEarlier this quarter VMware acquired Akimbi Systems, makers of Slingshot a Virtual Lab Automation solution.  We had been using Slingshot for around 6 months when VMware made their acquisition plans public.  At that time Slingshot had native Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 (VS2005) support, actually it came bundled with VS2005 as part of the installation.

Some of our clients had started using Slingshot in production environments;  A few run entirely on the Microsoft virtualization platform, so naturally we were concerned when a competitor purchased Slingshot.  Alarm bells started to ring, however we were reassured by both VMware and Akimbi product managers that support for Virtual Server will be maintained.

Shock, horror VMware announced that they will drop ALL support of Virtual Server from Lab Manager when it's released later this year.  Lab Manager will be bundled with their FREE version of VMware Server.  Support for ESX and Virtual Infrastructure 3 will not be available till later in 2007.

As you could imagine, we're not very happy to hear the news, especially since many clients have spent months setting up Slingshot Virtual Labs based on Microsoft Virtual Server images. 

Surgient LogoFor clients who are really unimpressed with VMware's complete and blatant disregard for effort and broken promise of continued support we would like to point you to an alternative product:  Surgient Virtual QA/Test Lab Management (VQMS)

Till next time,

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Managing Director
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