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Installing Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7

This article takes a quick look at the installation process of new and free anti-virus and anti-spyware package, Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7.




Microsoft recently released a Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware package called Microsoft Security Essentials. The package is compatible with Windows 7 and earlier operating systems and is fully certified by ICSA Labs and West Coast Labs Checkmark Certification.

You can download Microsoft Security Essentials from the Microsoft website:

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Installation of Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7

  1. Download the package from the Security Essentials website.
  2. Double click the Security Essentials installer package you just downloaded.
  3. On the User Account Control dialog, click Yes.

    Microsoft Security Essentials-0020

  4. On the Welcome to the Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 Installation Wizard dialog, click Next

    Microsoft Security Essentials-0021
  5. On the Microsoft Security Essentials License Agreement dialog, click I accept

    Microsoft Security Essentials-0022
  6. On the Validate your copy of Microsoft Windows 7 dialog, click Validate

    Microsoft Security Essentials-0023
  7. Once you’ve validated your copy of Windows 7, on the Ready to install Microsoft ecurity Essentials dialog, click Install

    Microsoft Security Essentials-0024
  8. On the Completing the Microsoft Security Essentials Installation Wizard dialog, click Finish

    Microsoft Security Essentials-0025
  9. Microsoft Security Essentials will now attempt to download the latest virus and spyware definitions from the Microsoft Update Center.

    Microsoft Security Essentials-0026

  10. Once updated, Microsoft Security Essentials will do a complete scan to ensure there aren’t any existing viruses or spyware on your system.

    Microsoft Security Essentials-0027

  11. When finished, you should be presented with a nice Home screen stating that everything is green.

    Microsoft Security Essentials-0030


Microsoft Security Essentials installs without any problems, has a clean user interface and works without being obtrusive. It leverages Microsoft’s investments in their Forefront family of products to allow home users to enjoy the same level of protection, but best all it’s free.


Microsoft Security Essentials


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