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  • Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2008 and Hyper-V Cluster: Virtual Network Missing From Dropdown

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Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2008 and Hyper-V Cluster: Virtual Network Missing From Dropdown

You may have found yourself with a semi working System Center Virtual Machine Manger (SCVMM) 2008 installation after applying some hot fixes to the Hyper-V servers. Normally the Hyper-V Clustered Virtual Network is available as a drop down option when trying to provision a new Virtual Machine. This article will discuss the various steps I took to diagnose the problem.




After installing a number of Hot fixes for a Microsoft Hyper-V Two Node Windows Server 2008 Core Cluster, I noticed that when using System Center Virtual Machine Manger (SCVMM) 2008 to configure new Virtual Machines, the Virtual Network had disappeared and was no longer visible.  Obviously Windows6.0-KB950050-x64.msu had already been installed.

The following Hot Fixes were installed as part of an upgrade process:

  • Windows6.0-KB950050-x64.msu
  • Windows6.0-KB951308-v2-x64.msu
  • Windows6.0-KB956589-x64.msu
  • Windows6.0-KB956697-x64.msu
  • Windows6.0-KB956710-v2-x64.msu
  • Windows6.0-KB956774-x64.msu

The fact that the Virtual Network had disappeared from VMM is rather critical to the deployment cycle.  No matter what combination of hardware I chose, the Virtual Network had completely vanished.

Managing a Core installation of Windows Server 2008 is rather easy, as long as you have all the tools required on a supporting system.  My first attempt at diagnosing the problem was to try and see if the Virtual Network, in my case Virtual-VN0 was still available when using the Hyper-V Manger locally on each server.  Sure enough, both servers had Virtual-VN0 enabled and I was able to apply it to the Virtual Machines.

So why is the Virtual Network dropdown in VMM empty, where before the updates it was fully populated and I could assign the Virtual Network to all my Virtual Machines?  This led me to think that perhaps it’s something with VMM, that one of the Hot fixes must have changed the way the Virtual Network is now exposed.

After a restart of each cluster node, as well as VMM it was not visible.  I ran the virtual host rediscovery again on VMM but even this did not correct the issue.

VMM Hyper-V Cluster Solution

This led me to think that perhaps I need to remove the cluster completely from VMM control and then add it in again.  It did end up working too – however, I needed to add an intermediate steps to make it work.  Here are the steps I took to remove and then add the Cluster servers from/to VMM 2008.

  1. Open VMM 2008 
  2. In the Host Groups section, right click on your Cluster root and select Remove host cluster 
  3. Click Yes, to the warning dialog 
  4. On the Remove Hosts dialog, enter in your user details and click OK 
  5. The Cluster will now be removed along with the nodes 
  6. On the Actions menu, select Virtual Machine Manager > Add host 
  7. On the Select Host Location dialog, fill in the username details and click Next 
  8. On the Select Host Servers dialog, enter in the first node into the Computer name field and click Add 
  9. VMM will detect that the machine is part of a cluster and will want to import the remaining nodes, click Yes and then click Next
  10. On the Configuration Settings dialog, ensure that you tick the Re-associate host with this Virtual Machine Manager Server (something I missed in an earlier attempt) and click Next
  11. On the Host Properties dialog, click Next 
  12. On the Summary dialog, click Add Hosts

VMM will now add the Cluster and Nodes back under its control.  Magically, when I try to provision a new Virtual Machine using VMM, the Virtual Network is once again available in the Virtual Network dropdown.


It is worthwhile knowing that a removal and addition of a cluster from VMM control seems to fix the missing Virtual Network from the dropdown.


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