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AfterMail is a next generation email management solution that addresses current email archiving and compliance challenges, while also providing a forward looking platform for email enabling line of business applications. AfterMail transforms Email into Enterprise Information.

AfterMail transforms email into a corporate asset, unlocking the valuable information contained within email, with minimal impact to users and infrastructure.

AfterMail OverviewEmail Archiving and Beyond
Most email archiving vendors have adopted a storage-focused approach to address archiving and compliance issues. AfterMail believes in the value of the data, and making it available to users and applications that need to use it. Research indicates that more than 70% of an organization’s corporate knowledge is locked away within your email system – why put it in a Vault?

AfterMail’s approach differs from the other email archiving vendors by:

  • Significantly reducing the size of your Microsoft Exchange mail store by up to 90% without the need to install any software on the Exchange server.
  • Providing end users with seamless access to their email messages, without installing any client software. End users can finally achieve the “endless inbox”. 
  • Delivering powerful search capability across both messages and attachments.
  • Capturing all email messages and ensuring a definitive record of all communication.
  • Efficiently storing all email messages and attachments – AfterMail only stores a single copy of every email and every attachment.
  • Providing access to archived email even when the mail server is down – ensuring no impact to productivity.
  • Enabling other line of business applications to integrate with the valuable email data.

AfterMail is a next generation email management solution designed to maximize the value organizations can derive from email. After addressing today’s email archiving and compliance issues, organizations can focus on how they can use email more effectively, above and beyond how email is used today.


Message Management

  • Automatically stores and archives all email messages and attachments.
  • Dramatic reduction in overall email storage requirements.
  • Fast and efficient access to email information.

Access and Search Capability

  • Flexible index and search capability of messages, including core message fields, content and attachments.
  • Multi-mailbox searching for administrators or authorized personnel.


  • Multiple levels of security provide granular control over who has access to which messages.
  • All searches and core activities are logged and auditable.

Administration and Reporting

  • Administration functions available to authorized personnel allow for full range of message administration and archiving functions.
  • Directory service integration ensures that you have only a single point of security management.

Flexible for Enterprise Needs

  • Easy installation and configuration – get up and running in hours.
  • No installation required on the email server or on the client.
  • Works in combination with existing email platforms and tools, including virus checkers and spam filters.
  • Integration capabilities for delivering data to line of business applications.

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive browser-based interface.
  • Seamless access through Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access.
  • Users can save common searches.

Ensuring a Complete Archive
All messages sent to and from an email server are stored, preserving knowledge contained with the email message and its attachments.

Reduce Corporate Risk
Once captured in the tamperproof AfterMail store, users are unable to modify email messages and attachments. This ensures a complete and accurate record of all email communication across your organisation.

Search and Retrieval
Authorized users can search for stored messages using built-in search tools. Requests for information can be conducted in minutes. Searches can be saved for fast access in the future.

Legal and Auditing Compliance
Once in AfterMail, the details of the message as well as the message itself are securely stored ensuring your organization can meet compliance requirements. Messages can be located easily, including those that involve individuals or business groups, while a record of all searches is stored for auditing purposes.

Business Continuity
AfterMail doesn’t rely on the email server for providing access to messages once they have been stored. If the email server is down, or needs to be disconnected, users still have access to their emails.

Single Instance Attachment Store
AfterMail stores a single copy of all messages and attachments, reducing the space needed to store email messages. Compression technology reduces the size of this storage even further resulting in lower storage costs and storage management costs.

Message Store Management
AfterMail can manage the email store and use message “stripping” to significantly reduce the size of the message store, while providing seamless access to archives messages using Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access.

Minimal Impact
Implementation and supports costs are minimal as no software needs to be installed on the email server, or your users’ PC’s.

Easy to Use
Administrators can access core functions via the easy to use browser interface. Users access archived mail through a an easy to use web interface or through Microsoft Outlook, lowering training and support costs.

Open Technologies
Using relational database technology to “open up” email to other business systems, AfterMail can be integrated with other systems; such as a customer relationship management application, to access all email messages.

AfterMail Web Interface

AfterMail ScreenShot Collection

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