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Email is the predominant collaboration tool used by most organizations in most industries; our solutions can help you increase the effectiveness of your collaboration.

For organizations and workers that need to share information, email is a tool that’s accessible to virtually everyone, and can result in information being sent across the room, across the country, or around the world, in minutes.

Sharing information in this way creates challenges. If users send multiple copies of email messages, then this results in duplication. For users who didn’t originally see the message, the rigid security structure of most email systems means it can be difficult for users to access information that they originally were not meant to see.

Organizations need a balance between controlling the access to valuable business information, but ensuring that people can be provided with access if they need to do their jobs. Current email systems do not provide a way of providing this access. Ideally, any system needs to let users leverage the email tools they are comfortable using, with the power of a system that provides flexible access to this data.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Share information easily - Our solutions can be used to unlock email messages from the confines of the standard security model, to allow information to be shared across permitted users.
  • RSS feeds - Saved searches can be exposed as RSS feeds to allow for proactive alerting of new messages and messages that meet specific criteria, and to allow for message

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