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Compliance & Law

Compliance is a key issue facing most companies in most countries. The only certainty is the uncertainty around how organizations deal with these regulations and protect themselves against future litigation.

Typically, there are two main issues that need to be considered:

  • Compliance – The systematic capture of all email messages to ensure a record of all communications is maintained.
  • Discovery – Providing access to the captured email messages so that information can be searched and located in a timely way.

Implementing any solution involves the identification of appropriate technology, and the consistent application of policies and procedures, and then use this combined approach to ensure compliance requirements are met.

The risks of non-compliance are significant: Penalties can be imposed on companies who do not comply with legislative requirements, while the cost of discovery using existing systems can run into the millions of dollars.

Companies need to not only prove an email was sent; in many cases they need to prove that an email messages was not sent. Most email systems cannot provide assurances that organizations keep all messages, nor can users find messages easily in order to comply with legislative or discovery requirements.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Ensuring an Archive - Put simply, all messages are stored. Once a message is processed by the email server, a copy of the message is automatically placed in the email repository. Our solution can also provide users – security permitting – with the ability to quickly and easily search for messages (and message content) using a standard web browser.
  • Single Instance Storage - The system only stores messages and attachments once, reducing the overall storage burden to an organization and ensuring that maximum use is made of limited resources.
  • Instant Access - Authorized users can search for archived messages using the built in search tools. Requests for information can be conducted in minutes, not hours or days.
  • Legal and Auditing Considerations - Regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley impose rules around how email information much be managed; The mail archival system also addresses these requirements. The details and content of the message are securely stored – complete records of activity are essential. Messages can be located easily, and an audit of all searches is stored for auditing purposes.

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