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Email usage puts pressure on existing IT systems - The growth in email usage puts pressure on existing IT systems, while email applications do not always satisfy the requirements of the business at large.

IT Managers are often in the hot seat, and need to balance the provision of service to the organization, with the broader issues associated with email, such as email storage, retention and retrieval and the impacts these can have on the finite infrastructure available.

Key themes for the IT Manager

  1. Email is critical.
  2. Storage is at a premium.
  3. Content within messages stored in backups is difficult to find.
  4. Many third party tools require specialist skills and training, resulting in extra cost.

In most organizations, it is the responsibility of the IT department to ensure that the critical email system remains available, and that emails can be stored, yet these increased volumes and usage continually challenge IT, its resources and its ability to deliver a stable and robust environment. As a result, IT needs to take steps to meet these challenges, and ensure it can provide the organization the services it needs.

Current email systems were never intended to support the need to manage and archive large volumes of business data for long term storage. With the increasing volume of email circulating within corporate email systems, combined with user mailbox size limits, administrators are now struggling with the management of email systems space, long-term backup strategies, as well as providing effective email retrieval.

How Capitalhead can help the IT Manager?

Capitalhead is positioned to address the dual drivers of effective management and storage of email, and to facilitate compliance and legal retention.  By capturing all email messages, corporate knowledge is retained and accessible – to approved personnel – reducing the cost of administration and empowering users throughout the organization. Simple in concept, but highly functional in deployment, it automatically captures email messages sent through an email server, and intelligently stores them in a single, centralized email archival and analysis system.

We are also able to support multiple email servers, and multiple types of email servers, providing a single archive for the entire organization, should multiple servers be employed. Once stored, the system provides easy access to these messages, allowing permitted users to search and retrieve their own messages, or for managers and administrators to search across the entire organization.

All these functions are performed using a standard, familiar browser interface. For the IT Manager, this ensures training and support issues will be minimized. By processing messages in this way, we give IT Managers the assurance that their key needs, and those of the organization, are being met.

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