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Knowledge Management

Email has become a valuable corporate asset - Of all the information within an organization, approximately 80% of this is considered unstructured; and much of this unstructured information is contained in email, and especially within attachments.

Despite this, valuable knowledge contained within emails is typically left unmanaged by users who either erase emails or store them in inaccessible locations, while email systems do not provide functionality for organizations to protect, search and manage this information.

This has obvious repercussions for the knowledge manager, who has a requirement that email messages – including their attachments – are managed effectively. Whether an organization embraces search technology to solve their knowledge management challenges, or has invested in a document management solution, they need to consider other complementary solutions that can ensure email remains a corporate asset.

7 reasons why email is so important

  1. Email is increasingly easy to use and distribute.
  2. Email is a valuable asset.
  3. Email is a record.
  4. Email needs to remain accessible.
  5. Employee turnover.
  6. Email creates technology hurdles.
  7. Email impacts the bottom line.

The impact of email on the corporate bottom line

While it would seem that the legal and regulatory implications around email would supply strong enough arguments for email archiving practices, there are other significant dangers for businesses that rely heavily on this growing form of communication. Among these dangers are;

  • The risk of losing valuable corporate information.
  • The hidden costs associated with email that affects the bottom line.
  • Lack of visibility in to how email is used within the workplace.

How Capitalhead can help the Knowledge Manager?

By implementing an email archiving solution, the organization will ensure corporate knowledge is retained and accessible – to approved personnel, including new employees for example – reducing the cost of administration and empowering users throughout the organization. By capturing all email messages, the organization will also be able to reduce the risks associated with email management, and ensure compliance and discovery requirements are met.

Simple in concept, but highly functional in deployment, our systems automatically capture email messages sent through an email server, and intelligently stores them in a single, separate, centralized email archival and analysis system. Once stored, it provides easy access to these messages, allowing permitted users to search and retrieve their own messages, or for managers and administrators to search across the entire organization.


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