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Risk Management

Email has become a corporate issue - According to IDC, companies face three main concerns regarding email management: Liability, Security & Regulation


High profile bankruptcy and fraud cases demonstrate that email is becoming relevant evidence in criminal and civil court proceedings. Companies must have an email retention policy and be able to provide relevant communications to meet legal requirements.


Having an email policy is no longer enough; this policy must be backed up by technology to enforce security measures.


Many new government regulations, including Sarbanes-Oxley, are affecting how organizations must store and protect information, including emails.

Organizations of all types need to assess their potential liability in these areas and take appropriate action.

4 reasons why email is so important to Risk Management

  1. Email is critical - an organization could not live without email in the same way it could not live without telephones or electricity.
  2. Organizations need to be responsible in how they store and retain information contained in emails – like other documents, message are important records.
  3. Legal compliance and regulations mean organizations need to find information, and find it quickly.
  4.  Email is considered valuable evidence and is often labeled the “smoking gun” of modern litigation because it preserves conversations, important business decisions and documents.

If you are going to find a smoking gun, you will find it in email

A company must be able to either find a relevant email or give a defensible reason why it cannot. This means storing all email and ensuring it can be found again.

In the case of a lawsuit, involved parties have to go through a process called “legal discovery.” As part of this process, lawyers will usually request that all case-related email messages be made available within a specific timeframe.

How Capitalhead can help Risk Management?

By implementing an email archiving solution, Capitalhead can help organizations to reduce the risks associated with email management, and ensure compliance and discovery requirements are met.

By capturing all email messages within the company, organizations can also ensure corporate knowledge is retained and accessible – to approved personnel – reducing the cost of administration and empowering users throughout the organization.

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