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Forms & Console Based

These types of applications make up the bulk of programs currently in existance, and many users are quite comfortable using these types of stand-alone applications

Forms Based Development

Examples of forms based applications are: Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Yahoo Messanger, WinAmp or any other application which runs inside a window and is installed using a Setup program.

Fig 1. Microsoft Word

Fig 2. NullSoft WinAmp

Console Based Development

Console based applications are applications which tend to run in a Command or DOS window. Console based applications were widely used with Windows 98 and older operating systems. Graphical user interfaces have mostly replaced console or text based interfaces. Console based interfaces these days perform specific tasks such as act as conduits to unlock advanced features of other GUI based programs or are designed to allow for easy scheduling.

Examples of console based applications include your humble cmd.exe box, which can be used to schedule scripts and automation tasks, such as backups.

Fig 3. Cmd.exe on Windows XP

Technologies we utilize

C#, C/C++, Pascal, COBOL, Microsoft SQL 2000, XML, MySQL, Pervasive, VB6, Java, J2EE, Shell scripting, AS/400(RPG, C++, CL), PICK BASIC, SB+, COM+, DCOM, BASIC, GCC (under Linux), Microsoft Access.

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